More Mainstream VA Republicans Side With Sanity/McAuliffe in Fear of Cuccinelli

From the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign, it's fascinating how the old-school Virginia Republicans — mainstream, moderate, pragmatic — are throwing their support to Terry McAuliffe, not to Tea Partier Ken Cuccinelli. Personally, I expect this trend to continue. . .

"Virginians for McAuliffe," a bipartisan coalition of Virginians committed to electing Terry McAuliffe for Governor launched in Richmond on Monday. Co-chaired by prominent Virginia Republicans Judy Ford Wason, Senator John Chichester, Senator Russ Potts, John Sherman, Delegate Katherine Waddell, Delegate Vince Callahan, and Delegate Jim Dillard the group announced their support for McAuliffe because he is focused on working across the aisle to find mainstream solutions to the issues Virginians care about.

In one of the most noteworthy 2013 elections capturing national attention, this isn't the first batch of prominent Republicans blasting their party's nominees and seemingly crossing the aisle in support for McAuliffe. But, when the Republican ticket is smudged with corruption, craziness and general contemptibility, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the race for Virginia's governor seems to be bigger than the usual bipartisanship. Check out some of the personal statements below:

Republican Senator John Chichester (with nearly 30 years in Virginia legislature):

Rather than having officials who will focus on ideological issues that divide Virginians, the Commonwealth needs leaders who will strive to tackle the real challenges our communities face, which is why I am supporting Terry McAuliffe to be our next Governor."

Judy Watson (who served in Reagan's administration and as a mentor for Karl Rove):

I am announcing my support for Terry McAuliffe, only the second time I have endorsed a Democrat candidate for Governor of Virginia.  I am supporting Terry because the stakes in this election are so high for the future of our economy and the future of our citizens and communities. I believe Terry will lead from the middle of the road focusing on the economy and jobs, education - K-12 and higher education, the environment, and public safety.

Republican Russ Potts served the Senate of Virginia for 16 years

While Ken Cuccinelli has spent his time driving an extreme ideological agenda attacking women's health, and tried to block the bipartisan transportation compromise at every turn, Terry knows that in order to have a thriving economy, we need to protect women's reproductive rights, and make necessary investments in our infrastructure.

The general consensus seems to be that McAuliffe will work with Republicans to get things done, while Cuccinelli might just signal the end of Virginia as we know it. Expect this list to expand until this fall's election.

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