Madison County Teenage Democrats To Hold First Meeting Tomorrow

Change that mattersDo you know a Madison County teen who is interested in politics?  Help them get to Saturday's first-ever Democratic Teens meeting, 10 am to 12 noon at Democratic Headquarters, 2835 N. Parkway in Huntsville.

The rebuilt Alabama Democratic Party is going to grow out of the state's population centers, one of which is Madison County.  Across the nation, young voters have been the key to Democratic successes.  From economic issues (more tax breaks for billionaires) to social issues (race baiting and gay bashing) Republican policies are more out of step with young voters than with any other age group.  There should be a vibrant community of Young Democrats in every Alabama county, and a Teenage Dems club is a natural step toward making that happen.  Kudos to the Madison County Party for encouraging these young voters and near voters to get involved and stay involved!

From the invitation:

2012 was a year of great diversity and energy in our volunteer ranks, and teens stepped to help re-elect our president and local candidates.

This Saturday, December 15 the Madison County Teenage Democrats Association will hold an organizational meeting at Headquarters from 10 am to 12 pm.

Goals for the group will be discussed, and Clete Wetli, Chair, Madison County Democratic Party will speak to the group.

Please forward this invitation to any teens you know who might be interested.

For more information, contact Jordan Cozby, Teen organizer.
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The Madison County Teenage Democrats Association is dedicated to the education and involvement of young people in politics.

Is there a Teen Dems club in your county?  If not, maybe you should help start one.

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