Investigator: 'Unbelievable' That Nobody Told Christie About Lane Closures

A Democratic New Jersey lawmaker leading a state investigation into a traffic jam scandal that has ensnared Republican Gov. Chris Christie's administration says private email exchanges show a crime was committed.

Appearing Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation," Assemblyman John Wisniewski says using a public resource such as the George Washington Bridge for political retribution violates federal and state laws.

Four people close to Christie lost their jobs after a top aide gave the go-ahead to shut lanes to the bridge. Lawmakers are investigating allegations that Christie loyalists intended to punish a Democratic mayor who didn't endorse him.

Christie has said he didn't know of any plot to close the lanes.

Wisniewski says it "strains credibility" that the hands-on governor wasn't told by senior advisers who received emails about the closings.

"This senior aide, who was with him that day, who sent the order, never once communicated with him? It's unbelievable," Wisniewski said, referring to Bridget Kelly, Christie's former chief of staff.

"Any governor that is running for re-election is going to want to know about problems that come up," he said. "It just strains credibility that they didn't look at those documents and say, 'We ought to let him know about it.'"

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