Gay Couple Wins Discrimination Lawsuit

It is with great pleasure I bring this news to Green Mountain Daily.



The owners of the Wildflower Inn have reached a settlement with the lesbian couple that sued the inn just over a year ago for discriminating against them by refusing to host their wedding reception. As part of the settlement, Jim and Mary O'Reilly have agreed to make a charitable donation to a pro- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) group, the Vermont American Civil Liberties Union announced on Thursday. The O'Reillys have also agreed to no longer host wedding receptions at the inn and they admitted that they did not respond to phone calls or e-mails about wedding receptions for same-sex couples, the ACLU stated.

The price tag for the hatred-in-holy robes practiced by the bigoted proprietors of the Wildflower Inn?


A Vermont inn will pay a fine of $10,000 and will place $20,000 in a charitable trust as part of a settlement in a lawsuit brought by a lesbian couple who were told the inn wouldn't host their wedding reception because they were gay...Ming Linsley and Kate Linsley (nee Baker) of New York contacted the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Vermont after Ming's mother was told last year by the Wildflower Inn's events manager that due to the innkeepers' "personal feelings," the inn did not host "gay receptions." The ACLU filed suit on the plaintiffs' behalf. The Vermont Human Rights Commission later intervened as a co-plaintiff in the proceedings.

Thirty thousand dollars. And an admission that they broke the law.


The Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville also agreed that Vermont law prohibits unequal treatment of same-sex couples, including a failure to respond to inquiries from those couples or discouraging those couples from using the facilities.

I call this a win for the good guys. This is a moral victory, where simple right vs. wrong carries the day over those who claim sanction for bigotry and discrimination granted by an imaginary friend in space.

Proving once again that Vermonters appear, as a general rule, to be evolving at a rate outpacing most of the rest of the country.


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