Lisman at the corner of Main and 501(c)(4)Street

 Not too long ago VtDigger had a great piece on Bruce Lisman, and now they report on a wee bit o’puffery about him in Fortune Magazine. Appropriately enough the piece is a feature called Second Acts and titled: A moneyman goes from Wall Street to Main Street. Though, Main and 501(c)(4) Street might be a more accurate address.

Fortune outlines Lisman’s early career his return to Vermont, the start of the (so-called) 'Campaign for Vermont,' and the ongoing 'informational advertising' campaign. While the piece quotes his constantly repeated desire for "common sense ideas" to improve the state's economy, it offers few new insights into his real goals. So it’s basically same-old, same-old stuff to anyone familiar with the Campaign for Vermont.

A couple of new items do surface though.  
First, he tells Fortune that he's writing a book about his 'listening tour' that will focus on Vermont entrepreneurs. Second, he is having fun.

Man, is this fun, engaging with people who want to engage in debate or ask why one thing works and one doesn't. In the world to come, which seems pretty unpredictable, citizens need to help each other.

So in an unpredictable world citizens can count on the 'Campaign for Vermont' ads. It is all his money (apparently) and we're glad he’s having fun ... but other than $200,000 worth of ad buys that boosted the local media outlets' bottom lines, where’s this going, Bruce?  

The article links to CNN's assertion that Vermont is now one of the top ten most entrepreneurial states. So then, what does Burlington lawyer Barbara O'Connor quoted by Fortune have in mind when she suggests:

"hopeful Lisman's private-sector experience will make Vermont a place where new businesses are welcome."

The 'Campaign for Vermont'  ads have been critical of the (Democratic) status quo on property taxes, energy policy and the state health care plan. Thus it is hardly surprising that

Fortune reports: Some Vermonters question the group's true purpose, and local press has portrayed Lisman as a fiscal conservative looking to take on the state's incumbent Democrats. But Lisman insists CFV is nonpolitical (though its structure is the same one used by Karl Rove and others) [sure quacks like a duck] and that he does not plan to run for office.

So what's this Wall Street moneyman’s 501 (c)(4) duck up to? Or What are the moneyman and his duck running for? No one is letting on knows but "Man this is fun" says Bruce.

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