Letter to Elaine

Letter to Elaine Chao
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As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. The people in my family have NEVER supported a communist country. We, in my family, have NEVER bought ships from a communist country. The members in my family have NEVER joined an organization that supports and defends a communist country. The members of my family have NEVER advocated the export of jobs from the United States. Can you say the same? Why won't SC James Chao travel around the United States, without escort to the various unemployment offices and explain to the loyal citizens of the United States why many of the jobs that were done by loyal Americans are now done in communist China? By the way China refers to a country and NOT a RACE. Why is the "United States" Senator from Kentucky so in love with Red China? Why does he continue to visit and embrace communism. Can you explain why SC James Chao exported rice to Vietnam during the Vietnamese war? The Horatio Alger foundation will expound on this. Was this rice dropped from low flying C130 aircraft to feed the communists? You know, I don't believe I have read anything in the United States Constitution about the Peace Corps. How many times will the "Senator" from "Kentucky" sell out the United States to Asian communists? Why don't we in the United States shut down the Peace Corps, the United States Agency for International Development, withdraw from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and become decent loyal AMERICANS. If naturalized citizens remain loyal to the countries of their origin after swearing loyalty to the United States, they need to leave immediately.

We are being sold out again by the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Senate ratifies treaties. Do you think that Mitch McConnell is enough of an American to protect and defend the loyal citizens of the United States?

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