Leahy staffer denies warrantless email access in bill

Yesterday I wrote about a sneaky move by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) pulled to try and pass a bill which would allow a wide variety of federal agencies to read our email without a warrant. Changing the bill just before the Thanksgiving holiday and then holding a hearing and trying to pass it immediately after the holiday is particularly sneaky because it doesn't allow opponents much time to organize.

Now a staffer for Leahy denies the Senator changed the bill and claims CNET has it all wrong.

"CNET has it wrong," an aide tweeted from Leahy's account. "Sen. Leahy does NOT support an #ECPA exception to search warrant requirement [for] civil enforcement [for agencies] like FTC, SEC."

A Judiciary Committee aide confirmed to The Hill that Leahy "does not support broad carve-outs for warrantless email searches."

(The Hill)

Regardless, please call Senators Franken and Klobuchar and ask them to vote against the bill.

Sen. Franken at (202) 224-5641

Sen. Klobuchar at (202) 224-3244

Many Democrats, including Klobuchar, voted to weaken FISA despite claiming they wanted to protect American citizens from warrantless wiretapping. Many Democrats, including Franken, supported SOPA/PIPA. Unlike FISA, a netroots uprising killed the bill.

If CNET is wrong, then we can relax. But if Leahy is trying to sneak this bill through, I wouldn't be surprised ... it wouldn't be the first time.

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