WATCH: Campbell Brown Gets Trounced on Colbert for Anti-Union Activism

Stephen Colbert smacked down anti-teachers' union activist Campbell Brown on his show Thursday. There to promote a lawsuit filed against teacher tenure in New York City Schools pushed by her group StudentsFirst, she seemed taken aback by Colbert's incisive and hard-hitting questions.

Brown seemed most flustered when asked about the sources of funding for her group – at first saying that a law firm working pro-bono was behind the effort. When pushed further, Brown then said that yes, outside funding was being used, but refused to name the sources, claiming fears of retaliation by the likes of the hundreds of protesters outside the studio.

Brown's duplicity was in full effect throughout the interview, from her claims that her activism was "for the kids" to her calls for equality of opportunity. It was the latter claim that Colbert handled with deft aplomb, saying if equality was what the group was after, why not fight for increased and equal salaries nationally for teachers (something unions have been fighting for for decades). It's uncomfortable to watch how quickly Brown then changes tack, sidestepping the retort. 

It's an ugly business – the private education, anti-teachers' union lobby couches their language as progress in classrooms, but it's really nothing more than a front for businesses trying to make a buck off our children, and giving teachers even less of a say in how to run their classrooms while undermining any semblance of job security.

Watch the full interview from the Colbert Report here:

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