The kumbaya moment?

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So let me see if I have this correct.

Someone who is quite arguably one of the most unpopular Governors in the country who threw unions and public employees under the bus did a "kumbaya" photo-op with the Democratic Congressional candidate who was labeled "Republican-Light" and  linked to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan due to her proposals to cut services for women seniors, children and the poor. Oh, what was the theme of this borderline lame "union unity" attack the Romney/Ryan budget plan that proposes massive cuts in the area of services for women, seniors, children and the poor (is your head spinning yet).

Opps, I forgot, all that stuff said about Esty in the past doesn't matter anymore and everyone should rally behind the former one term State Rep because she has the D after her name.

BTW: I wonder if it's a coincidence that no one from American Federation of Teachers (AFT), AFSCME, UAW, SEIU 1199, SEIU 32BJ seemed to be sat this "unity" event (paging Sal Luciano, Julie Kushner, Matt O'Connor, Larry Dorman, etc). If you're having a union "unity" rally, you would think the most recognizable unions in the state would be an attendance as opposed to  the same Teamsters who supported Dan Roberti.

...Could it be possible that you didn't see the most notable unions, which make up the largest portion of the AFL-CIO, were not at Esty's staged event because it's rumored that those groups voted AGAINST Esty at the meeting on Wednesday.

Flashback: July 27th

Under the Democratic alternative budget plan that Elizabeth Esty supported, women on Medicare would have lost coverage for preventative dental care," said [director of UAW Region 9A, Julie] Kushner. "Worse, numerous hospitals across the state would have been closed, making it harder for women and their families to get emergency and specialized care."

Flashback: Aug 18th

While some Democrats ask what choice labor has other than Esty, at least a couple of prominent state labor representatives were still criticizing the newly anointed nominee at week's end. They brought up an April 2010 Courant column in which, as a state legislator, Esty expressed reservations on union priorities such as mandatory sick-time rules for employers, "longevity payments" for state workers and state pension costs. "The center is not being heard," she said in that piece, by columnist Rick Green.

"I wonder which 'middle' she's talking about. Is she talking about middle management at a Wall Street hedge fund?" said Matt O'Connor, the Connecticut political director for SEIU Local 32BJ, which represents about 4,500 workers in the state, most of them custodians.

"This gives us pause," O'Connor said. "She claims to be speaking for folks in the moderate middle," he said, but "I don't think wanting to go to the doctor when you're sick is a 'fringe' issue. ... She voted against paid sick leave" as a legislator when the bill failed in 2009.


"We have to assess what we're going to do next, because Chris [Donovan] was a real, true fighter for the working class and right now we're not convinced Elizabeth Esty is interested in, or willing to be, that kind of fighter," said Council 4 spokesman Larry Dorman.

He also harked back to the 2010 Courant column: "Based on Green's column, she seems to think that having retirement security, having a decent paycheck, having paid sick days are fringe positions, and we don't consider those fringe positions, we consider them to be essential for having a decent standard of living in this state."

In other words, take the bullshit John Olsen is spewing with a grain of salt...the kumbaya between RANK AND FILE union members and Esty is for the most part spin created to place pressure on Donovan to withdraw his name off the Working Families Party ticket.

And of course this is possible because our reliable media allowed Olsen to do his spinning by taking copying and pasting his bullshit press releases at verbatim without questioning the stooge about what really happened at his meeting (e.g., which groups voted against Esty, who spoke out against Esty, would Ety won the support if the vote was based on membership as opposed to a vote by board members).

Food for thought.

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