Key Hillary Clinton Staffer to Speak Saturday in Atlantic City

A key Hillary Clinton organizer will be in Atlantic City this weekend to address delegates to the National Federation of Democratic Women at Resorts Casino Saturday night.

Adam ParkhomenkoAdam Parkhomenko was co-founder (with Allida Black) of Ready for Hillary PAC, which spent the two years since Clinton left the State Department collecting donations and emails by the millions and building a social media presence. With the campaign now official, he has the title of Director of Grassroots Engagement.

Parkhomenko is as much a Clinton loyalist as anyone in the country. Politico notes he's been ready for Hillary for more than a decade, an "obsessive" who was fascinated with her as First Lady when he was just in elementary school, launching VoteHillary.org to convince her to run in 2004 when he was just 17, moving to a staff job in her failed 2008 run, then starting an IE to convince Obama to pick her as running mate. That failed, but Ready for Hillary was a clever success. It's stated purpose was to convince her to run, which of course was a foregone conclusion, no matter the public demurring. But ts structure allowed it to raise and spend millions, all while remaining officially disconnected from Clinton, allowing her to say only what she wanted to during that ramp-up period, which was very close to nothing. Ready was the first super PAC organized for a candidate who hadn't yet declared, and it added mightily to the whole inevitability concept of a Clinton 2016 nomination.  
The symbol of the National Federation of Democratic Women is a very uncomfortable-looking and kind of anachronistic-looking high-heeled shoe, and the convention theme - get it? - is 'Women Pump Out the Vote.' And the Clinton campaign, more than any other, may be counting on Democrats' voting gender gap, which certainly worked when Clinton's husband was elected.

Along with Parkhomenko, the convention features a long list of high-profile party people. Guest speakers include Bonnie Watson Coleman and newly appointed DNC CEO Amy Dacey. Also speaking are former NJ Secy of State, now DNC Director of Community Engagement Rev. Dr. Regena Thomas (one of my personal favorite Democrats ever), Sen. Jim Whelan, assemblymen Vincent Mazzeo and Troy Singleton, and NJDSC Chair and Vice Chair John Currie and Lizette Delgado-Polanco.

More on the convention here.Follow Parkhomenko on Twitter: @AdamParkhomenko.

Photo: Buffalo News.

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