Ken Cuccinelli Upsets Base by Holding Party at Anti-Gun Restaurant

Of all people, you'd figure that Ken Cuccinelli is about as pure a right wingnut as it's humanly possible to be in this world. You'd also figure that Cuccinelli would be beyond criticism from his right-wingnut base. But no, apparently not, based on the reaction on his Facebook pages to his Skins-Cowboys party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Manassas.

What's wrong with Buffalo Wild Wings, you might be wondering? Are the wings not spicy enough? Too spicy? The beer not cold enough? The TV screens not big enough? Not enough parking? Some other atrocity of modern existence? Nope, it's far, far worse than that.

Check out the comments:

*"Ken...we are your base. Eric Cantor holds his parties in anti gun locations...as a result I supported Wayne Powell ....first time I have ever voted against a republican....you can move the event to a pro gun place. You can even have it at my house..."

*"I am a former Republican unit chairman who is tired of being sold out by country club rinos. Ken is not a rino...yet. Time for the Tea Party to stand its ground."

*"He should have chosen a pro constitution buisness. Here we have a so called defender of the constitution patronizing and calling for his supporters to also patronize this anti 2nd amendment buisness. This voter has a problem with that."

*"As a long time supporter of Ken, I am quite disappointed in his choice of restaurants and will not be attending. I hope Ken chooses better next time!"

*"Won't give gun banning BWW a dime! They can go out of business, no matter how good their food is! Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

That's right, as right wing as Ken Kookinelli is, there are people in his "base" who are even further to the right. How many of these people there are out there, it's hard to say.

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