Joe Kyrillos is going to get dizzy from all his spinning on jobs & unemployment

If Joe Kyrillos doesn't get dizzy from his spinning on jobs and unemployment, then other people certainly might.  You see the candidate for US Senate against Bob Menendez put out a press release following the announcement of the latest unemployment numbers:

Kyrillos on September Jobs Numbers: "We can do much better..."

That's the headline for the release when the national unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. He conveniently didn't show the same outrage when NJ's unemployment rate under his friend Chris Christie went up to 9.9%. In fact, if we were to criticize the 9.9% the way Kyrillos is of the national rate, Christie would probably attack and say we were talking down the economy.

Then there is the latest Kyrillos television ad, where we get the obligatory shot with the Governor as Kyrillos says this quote in the voiceover:

"Governor Christie and I are making progress in New Jersey, now it's time to put America back to work."

Uh, what progress? That Jersey Comeback Christie and Kyrillos like to tout has been so successful that even the banner announcing its arrival has lost its job. So the choice is Bob Menendez and Barack Obama, at a 44 month low of 7.8% unemployment or Chris Christie and Joe Kyrillos at 9.9% unemployment. Clearly now is not the time to celebrate and there is more work to do, but Joe Kyrillos is not the man for the job.

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