Joe Kyrillos' Alternate Universe

I know it is tough to distance one's self from Governor Christie and Mitt Romney's disastrous record when it comes to the economy and unemployment if you have served as the Chairman of Christie's Gubernatorial campaign and as New Jersey Chairman of Mitt Romney's failed 2008 presidential campaign as Joe Kyrillos did.

It is also difficult to differentiate between your policies and Christie's when you vote for those failing policies and have been part of the New Jersey legislature as Joe Kyrillos has - especially when New Jersey is lagging far behind the rest of the region and country in terms of unemployment and economic measures. is difficult to gain traction in a Senate campaign that has been flailing and tied to those failed Christie/Romney policies that are dragging New Jersey down, but as a candidate, Joe Kyrillos can't run on this failed record and expect to win.  So instead, we go to the wayback machine and do what Republicans do best - cut a very misleading ad with doctored video and quotes blaming someone else, even though the accusation makes no sense, has no connection to the failed policies that Kyrillos supports today, and, surprise surprise, is twisted and taken out of context:

In fact, Menendez's three second quote came at the end of a lengthy response in which Menendez said he's voted for middle-class tax cuts, tax credits to pay for college tuition, and spearheaded an effort to keep two million New Jersey residents from being subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. The Kyrillos ad skips past those quotes.

Not so ironically, this is the third time that Kyrillos has put out YouTube ads that heavily edit quotes from Menendez, and while I was going to embed the video ad that Kyrillos is running, it is so outlandish in terms of the heavy edits to mislead, I decided not to do so.  But if you really want to see the depths to which this sinking campaign will go, you can click here and see it yourself.

But don't come to me when you want those 16 seconds of your life back.

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