B: MN Bachmann Invents Jobs Numbers Created by Korea Trade Bill

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) would really, really like it if the invisible free hand of the market would create some jobs in her district. Since it hasn't she just lies about it.

In a mailer to constituents that looks remarkably like campaign literature and not a Congressional mailer, Bachmann claims that a recent trade pact with Korea created 1,000 jobs in her district.

If only it were so:


Bachmann misreads a report produced by the Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs. The report states that 1,001 jobs in Bachmann's district already exist because of merchandise exports to South Korea. The association does not predict how many jobs the new pact will add, although the group supports the agreement and expects employment gains.

The 1,000 new jobs already existed become jobs that will be created in the Bizarro World in which Bachmann exists. Just click on the image to see the entire mailer.

She also touts the Drill, Baby, Drill campaign, pretending it will lower fuel costs. Which it won't, but that's already been debunked.

I love her questionnaires. Here's a fun question to answer on this particular piece of campaign lit Congressional mailer: Given the high level of unemployment, what does Congress need to do to speed up the economic recovery?

Did she just admit that our economy is recovering?

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