Jamie Fox to HH House Rescue?

This excerpt from todays Star Ledger Auditor column:

A Fox in the halfway house

While the New York Times was building its investigation into New Jersey's troubled halfway houses, Community Education Centers, the contractor at the center of the story, hired one of the state's most adroit Democrats, Jamie Fox.

The Auditor learned that Fox's lobbying and communications firm, Fox & Shuffler, went to work for CEC more than six months ago and is helping John Clancy, its chief executive, and Palatucci, a senior vice president and general counsel, navigate a minefield of policy and communications issues.

It's not the first time Fox and Christie find themselves on the same side. Fox sat out the 2009 gubernatorial race, agreeing to a truce with Christie instead of attacking him on behalf of Corzine, the Democratic incumbent.


THIS makes it official.Clancy/Palatucci/Christie and CEC are REALLY WORRIED as to where all of this " investigating" will end up.

Jamie Fox is THE PLAYER in the State of New Jersey. Politics is a blood sport for him. You do not hire him unless you want " political" solutions.

He will do his best to influence any Halfway House legislation behind the scenes.

A Clancy/Fox/ Palatucci lobby trio will pull out all the stops.This group cannot allow restrictive legislation regarding private contracts with the NJDOC to be promoted at exactly the same time that the new and lucrative Drug Court contracts are being issued.

Tens of millions are in play.

That is why Jamie Fox was hired.

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