James Fields Poised To Uproot Kay 'Poison' Ivey From AL Lt Governor Chair

Kay Ivey. To know her is to vote for James Fields.  At least according to a new poll from the Fields' campaign. Ivey's favorability rating is just 27% – and likely 0% among PACT families. Even better, Fields leads a head-to-head matchup with Ivey, 38% to 33%. 

When respondents heard a little about each candidate, Fields' lead increased:  45% to 31%. 

This poll validates what we've been saying since Fields announced his interest in the race at the Madison County Democratic Women's banquet in 2012: he has a very good chance of winning this thing.

Fields isn't just running for himself: he's running for Alabama Democrats to help us break the stranglehold of the supermajority.

Here's what the Fields camp had to say about the poll:

We’ve been on the move ever since the campaign began last November. However, when we got back our poll results that showed Kay Ivey’s favorability rating at 27%; 32% unfavorable; and 42% did not know enough to say; Fields ahead in a straight up vote 38% to 33% when no biographical information is provided by either candidate and when respondents heard just a little about each candidate, Fields lead grew to 45% to 31%, we knew we had to do something special. On October  15, we visited Birmingham, Cullman, Huntsville, and Montgomery to spread the news. We were met with a great reception at each stop. The momentum is growing.

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