Senator Buono Throws Her Hat in the Ring for NJ Governor

New Jersey State Senator Barbara Buono has filed the legal paperwork necessary to become a candidate for governor in New Jersey.

An email was distributed to Buono’s supporters with the subject line: "Hope you got some sleep," and served as a reference to the many sleepless nights active Democrats put in during the 2012 campaign, plus the long process of counting and certifying that election results after Hurricane Sandy.

Here is a pullout from Senator Buono's announcement email:

All of us are focused on rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but we have so much more to do. Under Governor Christie, our middle class has taken a beating. Property taxes have shot up and so has unemployment, now the highest in three decades. And we've fallen to 47th out of 50 states in economic growth.

It's time for a leader in Trenton who will put the middle class first - lifting our schools instead of scapegoating our teachers; protecting property taxpayers rather than pushing income tax cuts for millionaires.

This is going to be a big race, and the way we win is to build a genuine grassroots campaign - and I can only do that with your help.

Buono's announcement strikes several other chords, too; a nod to grassroots power that appears to recognize that may be her path to the Democratic nomination if party bosses have something else in mind, support for property taxpayers where their interest runs counter to those of New Jersey's wealthiest, and the message of "lifting our schools instead of scapegoating our teachers.”

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