It Ain't The Government Getting Between You And Your Doctor It's The Long Arm Of Pope Benedict XVI

Oh, my speaking of influence, the long arm of Pope Benedict XVI reaches all the way to Louisville, Kentucky. Seems to me Pope Benedict XVI should be more worried about his priest molesting little boys and girls rather than dictating what doctors can prescribe their female patients here in Kentucky. I have a message for you Pope Benedict XVI: The dark ages are over and Louisville, Kentucky ain't in Europe.

Louisville Courier Journal
Louisville medical practice leaves KentuckyOne Health over medical restrictions on birth control
“We didn’t want to work within any organization where any religion was controlling our practice,” said Dr. Rachel Busse, part of a three-person team that runs Highlands Family Medicine in Mid City Mall. “Anything that limits (birth control), even on the philosophical level, is difficult for us.” Read more.

Pope Benedict XVI maybe you should start prescribing some "monks pepper" (Chasteberry) to your horny ass priest rather than dictate what medications doctors can prescribe to their female patients here in Kentucky.

The Final Call
Sins of the Fathers - Part II
Alicia said the priest would order her to perform oral sex on them and tell them to beat her if she refused. He would threaten to have her and her siblings removed from school if she refused to comply with his deviant sexual wishes. Read more.

Are you getting the picture Pope Benedict XVI? Pope Benedict XVI, heal yourself and quit f?ck*ng with us!


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