Issa On The Republican Cake. Government Reform Committee Votes To Hold Eric Holder In Contempt.

June 20, 2012 The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 23-17 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing information concerning the Fast and Furious investigation.

We tried to tell all you Democratic members of Congress when you pussyfooted around and didn't hold George W. Bush accountable for misleading us about Iraq and secretly torturing folks when you had the chance. Yeah you wanted to get along with your Republican friends and not stir up trouble. Well you got trouble now.

Congressman Joe, Deadbeat Dad, Walsh had this to say on his website:

Joe Walsh
“Many questions have been left unanswered for too long,” said Walsh.  “For too long Attorney General Holder has demonstrated a lack of accountability and concern.  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family deserves answers, the whistleblowers deserve vindication, and the American people demand someone be held accountable.

“Chairman Issa has displayed great leadership and patience throughout this investigation.  However, the Attorney General has refused to explain the rationale behind a reckless Administration policy that led to the deaths of American border patrol agents.  I do not take this action lightly, and I think it is regretful that it has reached this point.  All of this could have been avoided if the Attorney General provided the documents needed to conduct this investigation.  Operation Fast and Furious was a tragic mistake.”

The Hill
If the measure against Holder passes the House, it will be sent to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, who will convene a grand jury that would decide whether to indict Holder. The U.S. Attorney’s office would be the designated prosecutor for the committee if Holder were to be indicted. The attorney general would face a maximum sentence of one year in prison if convicted by a jury.

Darrell Issa had this to say on the House Oversight and Government Reform website:

Darrell Issa
“The Oversight Committee voted to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt for his continued refusal to produce relevant documents in the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious. This was not the outcome I had hoped for and today’s proceeding would not have occurred had Attorney General Eric Holder actually produced the subpoenaed documents he said he could provide.

“The President’s assertion of Executive Privilege this morning took us by surprise but did not alter the Committee’s conclusion that documents had been inappropriately withheld.  Executive Privilege only applies to materials that directly pertain to communications with the President and his senior advisors.  This assertion indicates that the White House’s role in Operation Fast and Furious and the response to whistleblower accusations has been greater than previously acknowledged.   Just yesterday, the Attorney General indicated a willingness to produce a small subset of documents on the condition that the Committee end its investigation before they were described or made available for review. Today, the President asserted Executive Privilege to ensure they are never produced.

“At the heart of the Congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious are disastrous consequences: a murdered Border Patrol Agent, his grieving family seeking answers, countless deaths in Mexico, and the souring effect on our relationship with Mexico.  Congress has not just a right, but an obligation to do all that it can to uncover exactly what happened and ensure that it never occurs again.  After the Justice Department’s earlier false denial of reckless conduct, the Committee has a duty to pursue all options to gather and evaluate key evidence.

“I still believe that a settlement, rendering the process of contempt unnecessary, is in the best interest of the Justice Department, Congress, and those most directly affected by Operation Fast and Furious.  I urge Attorney General Holder and President Obama to reconsider their decision to withhold documents that would allow Congress to complete its investigation.”

OK all you lily-livered Democratic members of Congress, play nice with Mr. Issa.


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