Indiana Construction Co. Threatened, Intimidated Workers Trying to Unionize, Feds Say


An Indiana company, Clear Path Construction, Inc., has been accused of intimidating and harassing workers who are seeking to find information on joining a union. An investigation into the matter has found merit to these claims.


Federal investigators are ready to bring charges on all three claims made by the Laborers’ Union (LIUNA). According to a press release from the Indiana Construction Information network, the company is currently attempting to settle the matter. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, the charges will go before a National Labor Relations Board judge.

The investigation began in November of 2013. Clear Path management was found to have threatened its employees jobs if they engaged with organizers from LIUNA in their non-work time. This right is protected by federal labor law. The investigation also claims that Clear Path illegally interrogated employees about their off-clock activities, another violation of federal labor law.

The Indianapolis-based company, which has also had issues fulfilling its fringe benefit duties, provides services throughout Central Indiana for local utility companies.  

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