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First and foremost - to all my friends, family and new comrades-in-arms - for all of you who called me worried, texted me in panic...I kept telling you that what we do is we work. To every cold and tired canvasser who came back, drank some water and went back to do it AGAIN...Folks, this was the ground game, the ground game was what won this, and hey, WE BUILT THIS.

And what did we build? The truth that PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and corporations are not. It is people who vote. It is people who win elections. The billion dollars (or something approaching it) that dark money spent on the GOP bought them NOTHING. We have taken our country forward and not back. We keep Obamacare. We keep Lily Ledbetter. We keep the Consumer Commission to oversee the bank issues. Abortion remains (in some states) safe, rare and LEGAL. We can now start the national discussion on climate change. These are things we won by winning in 2008, and this is where we start in 2012. 

We held the Senate. We won a lot of ballot initiatives -- I haven't looked at them all, but I know that gay marriage is a win in Maine. We now have 19 women in the Senate, a new all-time high. 

We're going to look at the polling models. I apologize that I'm too tired to have gotten that done, but I'll be comparing who projected things correctly off of polling numbers. We know that a lot of the "likely voter screens" had no basis in reality - they didn't accurately project the splits. It's time for the main stream media and a lot of large pollsters to get with the program. I, also, need to look through my projections. I had said 303 and 53 - the counts are still out in some states, so I under-counted, but I'm going to figure out where I went wrong. Since I rarely depend on polls for information, it won't be that, but I'll be soul searching, too. 

Back in 2008, we talked about the fight for the soul of the Republican Party - that's going to be even more fun to watch this time around. They might still have the House, but they don't have the support in the districts they'll need to obstruct. People, even political non-combatants, are done with that. 

I'm exhausted - I haven't slept in days and didn't get enough sleep last night to make up for it. So I'm going back to bed for a while, and will be back with more this afternoon. But I leave you with this for now: remember "Osama Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive"? Well, I'd add to that "Big Bird is employed, and Multiple-Choice Myth is not."


Your Publisher canvassed yesterday from 8:30 in the morning until 6:30 last night. He also helped scrub lists, and made calls when we needed a few minutes to get more walk packets together. Dan was a trooper extraordinaire! Thank you, Dan!

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