"Illegals Don't Pay Taxes" - Jeff Sessions Proves That Myth Is Wrong

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who wants to cut food stamps, also wants to eliminate a tax credit claimed by some undocumented immigrants: Child Tax Credit, which allows deductions on federal taxes for children.
Sessions says they shouldn't get this credit. But in so doing, Sessions refutes a right-wing bumper-sticker slogan: "Illegals Don't Pay Taxes".  The only way they can claim this tax credit is by paying taxes, so Sessions proves that many of them DO pay taxes.
Is he ignorant or simply callous?
It's also a demonstration of Sessions' warped concept of "morality".  He has said cutting food stamps is a "moral" issue -- he believes people should go get a job and not rely upon "handouts". He's apparently ignorant of the abysmal jobs situation in this county (after all, HIS paycheck arrives regularly), he's apparently unconcerned about children going to bed hungry, and he's apparently ignorant of the fact that nearly 20% of Alabamans receive food stamps. 
The same callousness applies to the tax issue. The effect of his proposal to eliminate the child tax credit for undocumented immigrants will have the effect of making it more difficult for families to support their children. It could also have the effect of encouraging them to stop submitting tax returns and paying taxes.
Jeff Sessions' view of "morality" certainly doesn't conform to his, or Alabama's, self-pronounced view of themselves as "Christian". 

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