If Booker Is Elected Senator He'll Ask If We Need Help With Snow?

I kinda like Cory Booker.  He's hard not to like.  And I may back him in the primary against either of the Franks, or I may not. If he wins the nomination I will definitely back him in the general.

But this is stupid.

"Look, I'm not different from most Americans who catch glimpses of what goes on down there and and worry what is going on in that body," says Booker. "But I've evolved about how that body can make changes on the issues I'm passionate about."

"So I'm telling you right now," he adds, "If a snow storm hits and I'm here, I'll be on Twitter saying, 'Hey, who needs help.' And I'll get out in my four-by-four and be able to band together more volunteers than most people could."

So we should vote for Booker because he might ask us if we need help with snow? That may play for a Mayor who has a small geographic focus. But not the job he's looking at.

Booker needs to realize that a Senator is not an executive but a legislator.  Even when he was an ward Councilman he was the top elected official devoted to that geographic space, and so in a sense has always been an exec.  It's been his job to fix the problems of his constituents, and if he stepped on toes to do it he was forgiven since it was his job.

But as a US Senator he is one of 50 in a deliberative body, and doesn't have any responsibility for the city he'd work in.  The House controls Washington DC.  

And when he's in NJ he'd be one of two US Senators, and the state has a Governor who's job is to take care of the people of New Jersey.  By stepping out with Twitter and playing SuperSenator he'll be pissing people off who actually have the job.

If Booker wanted to be an executive, he should have run for Governor.  But he's running for US Senator from NJ, and while reinventing the role may be interesting and even necessary it doesn't include shoveling the sidewalks in Alexandria, VA.

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