Six Political Cartoons That Refuse to Sugar Coat Thatcher's Legacy

When a famous figure passes on, you can expect a round of generic, uninformed sadness to be pushed out by media figures. But when someone as controversial as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies, it usually doesn't take long for critics to make their opinions known.

Morrissey released a statement on Tuesday calling Thatcher "barbaric" and the Singer believes she hated the arts and the English poor:

"Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out."

While most political cartoons about Thatcher's death have been boring and predictable (Thatcher greeting Ronald Reagan in heaven...couldn't have seen that one coming), here are six cartoons that underscore the complex and controversial legacy Thatcher left behind.

John Cole / Scranton Times-Tribune, Cagle Cartoons

Peter Broelman / Cagle Cartoons

Jerm / Cagle Cartoons

Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Cagle Cartoons

Frederick Deligne / Cagle Cartoons

David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star, Cagle Cartoons

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