The Contributor's Collection of Scarborough Ripping on Romney

While thoroughly enjoying Joe Scarborough's reaction to Mitt Romney's efforts to include his own name in a crowds' chants of "Ryan-Ryan" again, we here at The Contributor decided to bring you a small series of "Sweet Jesus" moments over the last year.


"If Romney had kept his mouth shut and not acted like a rank amateur... If he had not embarrassed himself"


"He has another self-inflicted gun shot to the foot."


"Can't believe that Mitt Romney would go to London and decide to start to criticizing how they're running the Olympic Games. I mean what's he going to do in Israel?! Look around and go... I think the Palestinians should have all of Jeruselum?"


"A lot of people think that we pick on Mitt Romney. We pick on everybody if they say stupid things or if they do stupid things... It is stupid to go on the campaign trail and say one of the funniest moments in your life is when your father shut down a factory in Michigan... CBS should have a new show this year. Sh-- that mitt says."


"You play to win as Governor and Governor you failed... When you're governor I'm sure you're not going to end up number 47th in job creation and number one in debt."



Please post your favorites in the comment section below. We are gleefully stuck watching these for a while.


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