Wendy Davis' Fundraising Results...In Animated GIF Form

The reports are in, and Wendy Davis outraised Greg Abbott $12.2 million to $11.5 million from July 1 to December 31 across her three fundraising committees.

The stats from Wendy's report are impressive: 85 percent of her 84,704 individual donations were under $50, as over 71,843 people supported her campaign. She has donors from all 254 counties in Texas, and in-state money makes up 70 percent of her haul.

Minutes after Wendy's expectation-besting report was released, Greg Abbott's team announced his haul: $11.5 million over the same six-month period.

In GIF-form, here's how Burnt Orange Report feels about this exciting news.


When we got the news that Wendy Davis raised $12.2 million across all three committees since July 1, we were all:

That's way higher than the $10 million that was initially anticipated from the Davis campaign.

Then Abbott's total came out. $11.5 million. Wait, did Wendy out-raise Abbott during the 6 months in which they were directly competing for gubernatorial cash??


Every-blogger dance!

Even the haters and the skeptics seemed impressed, based on the way the news took off like lightning on Twitter.

While pundits want to count Wendy Davis out and fail to appreciate the enthusiasm she inspires in Texans who want a better future for all of us, those of us who believe in Wendy know what this report is finally showing everyone else...


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