How Bike Parts Change with Different Types of Bikes

When shopping for a new bike, you will find that stores categorizing the kinds of bikes according to male, female and young bike users. While this makes it easier to navigate through wide selections of styles, it doesn't really help if you are not aware of the distinctions among the bicycle types.  You will find that within the male, female and young bikers' categories, bicycles are also categorized according to different needs and lifestyles, and that the bike parts are fitted consequently.  

One way to understand the differences among bikes is to understand how they are used and how the basic bike accessories are designed accordingly.  Let us look at some the most common bike categories.

• Utility bicycles.  Utility bicycles are designed for practical biking such as commuting, running errands, delivering, and other general transportation needs in an urban setting.  As such, utility bicycles have parts designed for durability and safety.  The handle bars of utility bikes are usually curved back and positioned a bit higher than the saddle so that the biker can stay upright for the most part while biking.

• Mountain bicycles.  Mountain bicycles are made for off-road biking.  Off-road terrains include rocky hills, unpaved paths, or dirt trails.  The most prominent difference of mountain bike parts is their wheels and the type of suspensions.  Newer mountain bikes utilize full suspension which allows both front and rear wheel to use shock absorbers for smoother rides on rough terrains.  

• Racing bicycles.  Racing bicycles are especially meant for competitive bike riding.  Racing can be in an arena, off-road, or in any other type of ground. As such, there are still different types of racing bicycles within its category.The primary differences with racing bicycle parts are their triangle frames, and highly-efficient wheels and tires.

• Cruising bicycles.  Cruising bicycles are also called beach bikes.  Their parts are typically distinguished with wide, low-pressure tires, low-seating saddles, and single-speed gears in very basic frames.  As their name implies, cruiser bikes are commonly used for easy and comfortable riding.

• Hybrid bicycles.  Hybrid bicycles are a combination of mountain and racing bikes but with high level of functionality.  They are designed for a more durable utility biking in varying terrains. Thus, the bike parts of a hybrid bike include the triple crank, handlebars and the brakes of a mountain bike combined with larger wheel diameter of racing bicycles.

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