How the BCDC failed Bergen Democrats

Below is an exact timeline of the chain of events that led to the BCDC effectively preventing a fair and open convention where the Committee members of the 5th would have had an actual choice between Adam Gussen and Jastle Castle:
BCDC Signature Timeline

2/7/2012 - Jason Castle emails Lou Stellato declaring his intention to run in the 5th district-The email included background information about Jason, his motivations for running and a request for any information needed to run.

2/13/2012 - Bergen Democrats Responds-Adam Silverstein contacts Jason Castle to discuss candidacy. During that conversation Jason Castle was first informed of convention application and mandatory 30 committee member signatures. Immediately following conversation, Jason Castle dispatched Will Watts to pick up application and list of committee members from BCDC Headquarters.

2/13/2012-Will Watts Picks up Application For Convention-Will Watts meets with Ron Subramanian. They review the application and requests the County Committee List. Will is told that the list is not available in the office but will be sent to him shortly.

2/15/2012 - First Written Request For County Committee List-Will Watt emailed Ron Subramanian with the first written request for the County Committee List.

2/15/2012-Ron Subramanian Responds-Subramanian states that the County Committee List will be sent to the Castle Campaign the next day.

2/16/2012-2/20/2012 - Follow Up-Watts contacts Subramanian frequently during this period through phone and email. Throughout this process it was consistently and repeatedly stated that the County Committee List would be available the following day.

2/21/2012 - The Campaign Receives County Committee List-At 11:31am the campaign receives the County Committee List via email from Ron Subramanian without phone numbers.

2/23/2012 - Campaign asks for Extension - On the basis of the delay receiving the list, Watts contacts Chairman Stellato and requests an extension for the Castle Campaign's paperwork. Chairman Stellato refuses the request.

2/24/2012-2/25/2012-Turning in Petition-As the campaign tried to turn in the petition it confronted several more issues.
• 5:30-Will Watts speaks with Ron Subramanian who stated the forms could be dropped at his house because of the hour.
• 6:30-Jason Castle called Subramanian and stated that the forms were prepared but he was looking to find a notary. Subramanian stated that the forms could be dropped off on Saturday at his home
• At no time during either of these conversations did Subramanian say, either implicitly or explicitly, that either of these actions would invalidate the petition.

2/28/2012-Appeal Meeting-Jason Castle and Will Watts sit down Chairman Stellato to review the events that led up to the deadline and appeal the decision. Chairman Stellato states that the reason for the delay was that Municipal Chairs had not submitted their County Committee Members to the Party. At no time prior to meeting had this issue been mentioned.

3/1/2012-Final Appeal-Letter sent to Lou Stellato once again overviewing the timeline of events, exigent circumstances and the reasons for granting an appeal this case. There was no response.  

3/15/2012-Convention-Adam Gussen runs uncontested in the Bergen Democratic Convention.

The BCDC acted in bad faith. Plain and simple. Jason won Sussex and Warren conventions, but was PREVENTED from winning in Bergen. There are emails and phone records to prove it.   The voters of Bergen lose again and because of that - so do the many voters of Sussex and Warren who overwhelmingly chose Castle.

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