Black MI District Faces Financial Woes, Snyder Plans Power Grab

The Detroit Free Press reportthat Governor Rick Snyder has declared a financial emergency in the Pontiac School District, setting the stage for an emergency takeover. The district has a $38 million deficit. Neither the Detroit Free Press nor anyone else is bothering to explain exactly how that debt got there or how much of it is just interest on the principal.

Predictably, Snyder’s expressed concern is for the children of Pontiac.

Snyder said in a news release this afternoon that the focus of today’s declaration is on making sure Pontiac students get the education they need to be prepared for college and careers.

“We need to look out for the children, and we want to make sure that Pontiac School District has the financial resources to open its doors next month,” Snyder said….

Snyder expects Michiganders to believe it has nothing to do with taking away the right of Pontiac parents to vote for a school board accountable to them; that it has nothing to do with capturing the tax revenue meant for the district and redistributing it to cronies (emergency mangers have no oversight on contracts they let). He says it has nothing to do with imposing corporate charter schools on the district. 

Did anyone notice that these financial managers, once appointed, never leave? 

Rick Snyder wants us to think he cares what happens to the kids in Pontiac. We're not convinced.

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