Help Marie Corfield Win LD-16!

Most Blue Jersey readers know the tale of Marie Corfield: teacher, mother, and scourge of bullies like Chris Christie.

Marie was one of the first people to stand up to Chris Christie publicly and call him out on his nonsense. Christie's blustering, bullying response to Marie was one of the first indications we had that the man can't win in a fair fight. Marie quickly gained national attention and became a fixture of the progressive movement here in Jersey.

Well, Marie is back: running in LD-16 against tea baggin' wing-nut Donna Simon. This is a tight race, but it is winnable. We need to put this race on the national map; you can help.

This will take you less than one minute and cost you nothing! But you MUST help right now!

The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee targets a select few state-level races every cycle for special support. They need to know that this winnable race is exactly the sort of campaign they should support. The deadline for DLCC support is Tuesday, 10/09/12.

So go to this link:

Put in your name and Marie's name. Tell them why it's important to elect real progressives and real champions of the middle-class here in New Jersey.

The district is NJ - LD16.

It will take you less than one minute, and it's important. With national help, Marie has a real shot at taking a seat from Christie's cronies. Let's make it happen.

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