Truth Fail: Investigating Anti-Choice Propaganda

bowels-graphic.pngHave you ever seen those advertisements at bus stops or on park benches that say, "Pregnant? Scared?" Those are anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) at work - organizations that pretend to be comprehensive health centers but really exist to scare or confuse women out of considering all of their reproductive health care options.

CPCs are as widespread as they are dangerous. And this week, Heartbeat International, a network of CPCs, hosted a lobby day on Capitol Hill. Members of the group met with members of congress to argue that CPCs are "good for America."

What Heartbeat International's activists probably didn't mention in these meetings is that many CPCs exist to dissuade women from choosing abortion or birth control - and are often willing to do anything to achieve their goal, including using medically inaccurate information and intimidation.

We whole-heartedly believe that anyone seeking health-care services should receive comprehensive, unbiased, and medically and factually accurate information.

CPCs often set up shop right next to abortion providers hoping that a person arriving for their appointment will accidentally walk into a CPC office instead.

While some CPCs provide appropriate support to women who need extra help during pregnancy, most don't. Our investigations have proven again and again that many intentionally give medically inaccurate information about contraception and pregnancy options, and manipulate or even coerce women.

What could be worse for a woman trying to make an informed decision about her reproductive health and well-being than being scared and misled by anti-choice CPCs employees?

That's why we've created resources to raise awareness about the dangers of CPCs. Check them out and please share widely.

Help us make sure that women aren't misled into entering a CPC. The best way to support women is by providing full, unbiased, and truthful information about health care options. Not propaganda, lies or intimidation.

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