AL Legislator Takes Lucrative Gig Before First Term is Up, Taxpayers to Pay for Special Election

When the GOP campaigned on their "Handshake With Alabama" plan in 2010 they didn't mention that it came with one of those gag "hand buzzers."  Remember that the first item on their list was "creating jobs and economic opportunities."  The GOP neglected to tell voters that their "jobs plan" was limited to two groups:Alabama republican party

  • Lawyers, needed to defend the indefensible laws passed by the GOP supermajority.
  • Poll workers, needed in the numerous special elections held as the GOP rats desert Mike Hubbard's sinking ship.

The latest rat, Rep. Barry Mask of Wetumpka, announced his resignation effective September 30th.  He'll be taking a lucrative position with the Alabama Realtors Association.  It must be a huge deal, because God is apparently involved:

“This opportunity was totally un-contemplated at the time and I asked for enough time to wrap up some projects in the district this summer. I wish I could have finished my term, but the timing of this prevented that. Sometimes God opens doors for you in His own way. This was a difficult decision that my wife, Jill, and I prayed over, but at this point in my life and career we felt like this is where God is leading us.”

Mask joins a slew of Alabama Republicans more interested in cashing in than in holding the jobs they were begging voters to give them in the last election.  While they pocket big new paychecks, the state gets to fund the special elections needed to fill their seats:

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) is expected to announce a special election to find Mask's replacement to finish his term in the legislature. The special election will likely be based on House district 31 lines which were established after the 2000 Census. The winner of the District will then run next year for re-election based on the new district lines based on re-apportionment following the 2010 Census.

There isn't enough money to adequately fund state services and infrastructure needs, but our legislative leaders have no problem skipping out and leaving taxpayers with the bills for finding replacements.



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