Has the Detroit News Reversed Its 'Stance' on Climate Change?

For years, if you didn't believe in (mostly because you didn't understand and lacked innate curiosity about) climate change, the Detroit News was probably your paper of choice. In its pages, you found solace in the wise words of Nolan Finley and "Fried Chicken" Frank Beckmann (whose notable work at the time earned him the nickname of "Magic" Frank Beckmann, an honor he carried until last summer revealing the truth of how slavery was a cauldron of innovation). If you were feeling a bit put upon by the global cabal of scientists and communists behind it, there was the humor of the annual Henry Payne cartoon showing two people standing in the snow with icicles on their noses puzzling about what had happened to global warming. They were great days (if you're so inclined...listen and let a tear — just a single, lonely tear — roll down your cheek while waxing nostalgic).

Has it come to an end? From yesterday's editorial.

Coal is admittedly among the dirtiest sources of energy, and is a major producer of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Gone is language referring to the problem caused by greenhouse gases — climate change — as a flim-flam or a hoax or a phantom menace. In its place is tacit acknowlegement that greenhouse gases are bad to toss willy-nilly into the air.

The rest of the editorial is basically still a stock editorial #2 — addressing environmental problems will destroy the economy — but this seems to be a shift. Normally, when an editorial position changes its mind, it does a service to its readers by writing an editorial explaining why.


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