Is Greece About To Go Over The Cliff?

"Only Bankruptcy Can Help Now"
Greece has disappointed its creditors yet again. Now its government plans to ask for more time -- and needs billions more in aid. But Greece's euro-zone partners are unwilling to provide any more help, meaning that the only hope now is to admit defeat and let the country make a fresh start.
Wave of Suicides Shocks Greece
Greece has always had one of the lowest suicide rates in Europe, but its economic crisis has triggered a disturbing increase in the number of people killing themselves. Are the deaths the result of personal desperation or are people making a political statement with the only thing they have left to sacrifice?
Spain is also in bad shape -- has requested loans to bail out its banks. Same thing for Italy. Ireland has been hurting for some time now. Germany was the envy of Europe but its economy is now slowing down.
If Europe crashes, it WILL affect the U.S.

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