Governor Dayton says the DFL will put an end to budget gimmicks

In a statement on the state's $2 billion deficit, Governor Mark Dayton criticized the previous legislature's use of budget gimmicks and pledged that the DFL would institute an honest budget:

There is just a lot of avoidance, and a lot of gimmicks, and a lot of unwillingness to take responsibility for the situation that faced them at that moment in time. And we are not going to perpetuate that. We're going to make tough decisions, there will be unpopular decisions, there will be hard decisions, but that's what we're going to do.

I hope Dayton and the DFL will follow through on that, and I believe they will. Our state desperately needs someone to finally get our budget under control. If Dayton and the DFL stick to their guns on this, the people of Minnesota will reward them for it.

Minnesotans have lived through a full decade of constant budget crises, and we're tired of it. We understand the need to make some tough decisions, and we understand that previous policymakers have refused to do so. While we surely won't agree with each decision in the final budget, we will be relieved and grateful to finally return structural balance to the budget.

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