Government is to Business as...

SO it seem that the right wing has firmly established a perspective according to which Government/Public sector is opposed to Business/Private sector.   Republicans play on this misleading oversimplification all the time, mostly disingenuously.  None of them actually think that prosperity flourishes in Somalia.  The fact is that for us to prosper, there needs to be a healthy reciprocity.  Business needs Government to regulate its excesses, stabilize its fluctuations, maintain its infrastructure, and secure its resources and markets.  Government needs business to create wealth and opportunity, for technological innovation, and for funding through taxes.  So we now need to come up with a way of communicating this shorthand.

Government is to Business as Leagues and Umpires are to baseball.


Government is to Business as rhythm is to melody?  Or as canvass is to paint?

Whaddya think?  Let's generate some corrective analogies.

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