PA Democrats Vie for Top of the Gubernatorial Ticket

One man in, one man out. For six months Pennsylvanians have been wondering whether Pittsburgh's Jack Wagner would jump into the Governor's race. Well, he started circulating nominating petitions. Since the state is extremely parochial when voting in Democratic primaries the fact there was no candidate from the west left that door wide open for Wagner to jump into. Meanwhile Max Myers, the radical Pentecostal preacher, left the race because he could not raise enough money.

And new polls show Tom Wolf running away with the vote. The election remains almost three months away – so anything could happen – but his blitz of media ads has established Wolf as the man to beat. The ads are professionally done, are defining him positively in the minds of voters. One poll has him at 40% and the other at 36%. Those are enough to win a plurality in a large field.

John Hanger at a recent Democratic State Committee meeting said he was remaining in the race despite low poll numbers and lagging fund raising. He felt he could get 15% of the vote and still win. The polls show him to be a non-factor. Heck, they show two other would-be's – Rob McCord and Allyson Schwartz – to be non-factors.

Yesterday Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC endorsed Congresswoman Schwartz. McCord has many major labor endorsements. Even so, Wolf is running away with this race at this point. We'll see how firm those numbers are remain as the other two major players get on TV. 

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