KS Bills Approaching Gov's Desk Double-Down on Extreme Anti-Woman Agenda

Something's happening in Kansas that's not making national headlines, but really should be: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's decision to double down on an extreme anti-reproductive rights agenda.

Gov. Brownback had already signed a bill to manipulate Kansas' tax code into limiting abortion care, but he is poised to sign two more bills that would severely restrict women's access to affordable health care in the Sunflower State.

One bill – the state budget – includes a provision that would effectively defund reproductive-health clinics. Many women and families rely on the clinics for a full range of reproductive-health services. For many low-income families, these clinics are many times their only means of accessing any basic health care at all.

The second bill would extend unnecessary tax penalties on reproductive-health clinics for making renovations, or even holding fundraising events!

Gov. Brownback has never been shy about his anti-choice record: "If a pro-life bill [comes] to my desk, I will sign it. I am not backing away from that."

When he signs these bills, Gov. Brownback will pile onto his already long anti-choice resume. Just last year, Gov. Brownback signed an extreme anti-choice bill into law to effectively ban abortion in almost all cases and could outlaw many common forms of contraception, stem-cell research, and in-vitro fertilization. 

In 2012, Gov. Brownback signed a bill that allows doctors to withhold medical information if they think it will lead a woman to choose abortion or refuse treatment – like chemotherapy for cancer patients – if they think it would end a pregnancy.

Even worse, the same bill requires that doctors lie to women.

If these attacks to deny women control over the bodies and futures weren't bad enough, Gov. Brownback has spent roughly $1 million in taxpayer dollars to defend these unconstitutional laws in the courts.

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