Gotta Love Ed Marksberry, Kentucky Democratic Party Chair? A Real Democrat Telling It Like It Is!

In 2010 Ed Marksberry ran for Congress in Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District. When Ed called me and told me he was going to run for Congress I suggested that he get together with Jim Holbert and John Waltz and go to the Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters together and tell the Kentucky Democratic Party what they expected from them. Ed thought that was a good idea, but for one reason or another it didn't happen.

I knew from my experience with Heather Ryan in Kentucky's 1st Congressional District how Ed Marksberry, Jim Holbert and John Waltz would be treated, by the Kentucky Democratic Party. They would be ignored and shunned. Why? Because Ed Marksberry, Jim Holbert, John Waltz And Heather Ryan were real Democrats that actually believed in the core values of the Democratic Party. Hell, they actually believed in real healthcare reform, single payer healthcare reform!

We've expressed how we feel about the Republican lite Kentucky Democratic Party many times here at Hillbilly Report and it gives us great pleasure to know that Ed Marksberry, a real Democrat is calling out the Kentucky Democratic Party's (I gave money to Mitch McConnell) leadership. Hell Ed Marksberry has offered to do Daniel (I gave money to Mitch McConnell) Logsdon's job for free.

Ed Marksberry, Jim Holbert, John Waltz and Heather Ryan were great Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidates. It's too bad they were ignored and shunned by the Jack (Aqua Buddha)  Conway bunch, that included most of the Kentucky Democratic Party elite.

Thanks Ed Marksberry for calling out the phony Kentucky Democratic Party elite and I hope they take you up on your job offer.

Give em Hell Ed.

Give em Hell Ed



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