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 This coming week candidate for Auditor Doug Hoffer will be at VTNEA, AFL-CIO events and campaign with Bernie Sanders.Which is another in a series of busy weeks on the road campaigning for Hoffer as JV's diary below shows.

So then, here is Republican candidate for Auditor Vince Illuzzi pictured on his Facebook page with Steve Forbes and at a Romney event with John Sununu. What message is self proclaimed independent Vermont Republican Illuzzi dog whistling when he is pictured with partisan Republican Party guys like Forbes and Sununu?  

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Steve Forbes wrote this not long ago about President Obama 

I’m going to be blunt here. We have a president, unlike any other, who is truly a hardcore socialist who truly believes in massive government domination.

 And shouldn’t Illuzzi put some distance between himself and Romney surrogate former NH Governor John Sununu who lately has all four of his partisan wheels off the road. During the Republican Convention Sununu managed to make headlines when he angrily yelled at CNN’s Soledad O’Brien  suggesting she

“put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead when you do this,”

if she were to continue to question him about Medicare.

About a day later Sununu again jumped the curb again during an interview with On the Media’s Brook Gladstone. Sununu became agitated while defending his claim that fact checking will throw a campaign off message, growled about biased fact checking. With that he abruptly ended the interview and hung up. All this comes months after saying this about Obama:

“I wish this president would learn how to be an American.”

After the public outcry over that one Sununu offered a weak apology.

Senator Illuzzi seems to be constantly publically flirting with the idea of running as an Independent. So numerous have his own stories been of unnamed colleagues begging him to run as Democrat or Independent I would assume he needs to spend large parts of every day simply fending off such pleas.

Independent or Republican in the mold of Republicans Ernest Gibson, Franklin Billings, George Aiken and Jim Jeffords it says on Illuzzi’s webpage.Well, Gibson, Billings and Aiken are long gone and it’s over decade since Jim Jeffords bolted the Republican Party that had grown too crazy for a real independent Vermonter. But through it all Illuzzi remains a Republican Party man.    

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