Is there any doubt as to the cheerleading that the FoxNews of New Jersey politics is doing for the Republican Party to go along with casting the Democratic Party in as poor a light as possible?  What was once a somewhat right-of-center but still relatively unbiased place to get the "inside scoop" on New Jersey politics has all but become an arm of the State Republican Party.

Which would be fine if it were to just admit as much and move forward as another piece of the GOPropaganda machine.

Exhibit 1:  When reporting on the NJ Democratic Delegation casting its votes for President Obama at the Democratic Convention, the first sentence leads with "in roll call garbage time...", and the overall story was a mere few short paragraphs of filler.  Contrast with the glowing review of NJ (and other states) casting their votes for Mitt Romney at the Republican Convention, complete with emotional quotes and double the length.

Exhibit 2:  In one of the intro stories to the Democratic Convention, the intro paragraph begins with this gratuitous and needless dig: "The big white van shouldered into bumper to bumper traffic running parallel to the blocked off Tryon Street downtown and the driver gave pedestrians a big raspberry welcome to the Queen City: "Democrats: Where Socialism and Corruption Meet."

For the Republican Convention, we get fluff stories about Governor Christie, with (ZOMG!!!) pictures of the kickoff event as well as another fluff story about how things are oh-so-festive despite a Hurricane bearing down on Tampa (and New Orleans).

Irony of Republicans celebrating while New Orleans drowns aside (where have I seen that one before), I can only imagine if the tables were turned and the Democratic Convention was in Tampa while a hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans.

Exhibit 3: Despite there being a well known rift in the Bergen County Republican Party that has seen Party chair Bob Yudin and Christie be on opposite sides of, there is a kumbaya fluff piece about how everything is just peachy keen between Christie and Bergen County Republican Chair Bob Yudin, who was "proudly present at the convention".  Contrast this with the "civil war" post on what may or may not happen if Senator Buono runs for Governor.

Exhibit 4:  In referring to "winners and losers" of the Republican Convention, the lead "winner" is the "New Jersey State Committee".  As if there is only one - or more likely only one that matters to GOPolitickerNJ.

Exhibit 5:  Christie's keynote address.  Despite receiving moderate reviews at best and no evidence that he "hit one out of the park" per se, the story posted the next morning leads off with "New Jersey rejoiced in the speech delivered last night on a national stage by Gov. Chris Christie".  This was confirmed to be no more than nonsense cheerleading when a poll was released shortly after the speech indicating that Christie's favorability was pretty much unchanged - but actually dropped a few points since last month.  This, after all of the talk about how the speech and national stage would propel him further into the spotlight and blah blah blah.

Exhibit 6:  What "comeback"?  In not one but two separate posts about the recent poll indicating how most New Jerseyans don't believe the garbage that Governor Christie is peddling about the so-called "Jersey Comeback", there is not one mention of the facts and factors that are behind the rightful doubt.  No mention of the poor job numbers and job losses.  No mention of the high unemployment rate.  No mention of the higher property taxes.  Nothing.  Just one "here is the poll" article and one "Christie thinks the polls are wrong" article.

Exhibit 7:  Paul Ryan's speech.  Despite the fact that it was universally torn apart for being full of lies and crap (and despite the fact that Paul Ryan actually asked for a grant that was made possible by the Affordable Care Act), the GOPolitickerNJ review of his speech talked about him "savaging" the stimulus and healthcare reform.  You'd have to go 14 paragraphs deep to find a comment that is actually critical of Ryan as being hypocritical (which is a very easy point to find), and that is from Congressman Pascrell.  You'd have to go another 4 paragraphs deep - all the way to the end of the article - to find one of the many "inaccuracies" of the speech.

There are more, but this was just from the last week or so.  So what gives, PolitickerNJ?  If you are going to present yourself as "inside baseball", at least don't be so blatantly favorable to one party over the other.  And if you are going to be blatant, then just formally link to the NJ Republican Party, to 101.5 and be up front about it.

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