Alabama House Speaker Lies to Rep, Forces Through Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution

The party who promised a legislative agenda consisting of God, guns, & girl parts, added another "G" to the list in an unexpected vote yesterday. After privately promising Alabama's only openly gay legislator that he wouldn't allow the a bill calling for a constitutional convention to ban marriage equality in the US to come up, well....surprise! Speaker Mike Hubbard lied.

One Alabama lawmaker is crying foul after the Alabama House today approved a resolution calling for the United States Congress to convene an Article V constitutional convention to ban same-sex marriage.

Resolutions are frequently passed en masse, and lawmakers rarely pay them much attention. The description of the resolution on the House Rules Committee report did not specify what the convention would address.

So, they passed it without reading it, but Rep. Patricia Todd knows that if she asked for reconsideration, the assembled spinless sad sacks would fall all over themselves to approve it all over again.

Speaker Hubbard, who is well aware of his power to kill any bill he dislikes (because he does it frequently), has his spokeswoman describing him as impotent: 

... the House speaker does not control the state House Rules Committee, she said. 

This is yet another vanity bill that's going nowhere.  Or maybe nowhere but into the public record so that companies considering opening operations in Alabama will find one more piece of legislative poop on our "welcome" map.

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