GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Who Wants to Cut Minimum Wage Owes Workers Near $4M in Back Pay

Bruce Rauner Misclassification

The news is getting worse and worse for Illinois GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner. After a report was released linking his firm GTCR to nursing home deaths and elderly abuse, the press caught wind that another company with Rauner ties, Cardinal Logistics, was sued for failing to pay hundreds of workers a total of $3.75 million in back pay.  

Throughout his campaign, Rauner has been portraying an image of an “average Joe” while running on a platform that includes cutting the minimum wage for the state’s workers. Now, as he faces the backlash from misclassifying workers to save his company $3.75 million, the veil is being lifted on the false portrayal of relatability.

According to Capital Fax, the suit reveals malfeasance as far back as 2004 and was originally filed in 2007. Lawyers characterize it as “one of the most blatant cases of deliberate misclassification” they have ever seen. In 2011, the multi-million dollar settlement was made. In 2012, Rauner’s GTCR sold Cardinal Logistics.

Rauner has had a positive showing in the polls, but each negative news story puts his supporters in a more awkward situation. The GOP side of the 2014 election is shaping up to be a four-horse race with Senator Kirk Dillard, Senator Bill Brady, and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford seeing the negative Rauner stories re-energize their campaigns.

“I think we’re starting to see what Bruce Rauner’s about and people don’t like what they’re hearing,” Sen. Brady told ABC7.

But the latest polling still shows Rauner ahead with potential GOP voters. 18 percent align with his candidacy though a whopping 57.5 percent are still undecided.

More details of the lawsuit can be found on ChicagoNow.com.

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