Auditing the Womb: Alabama Candidate Joins Protests at Closed Women's Clinic

None of us should be surprised by this. In 2010, Alabama Public Service Commission candidate Twinkle Cavanaugh ran on two issues: anti-Obama and anti-abortion. She won, and now spends her time embarrassing the state with statements like "coal is a gift from God."

Now, Republican candidate for State Auditor Jim Zeigler is jumping into emotional issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the job he's asking voters for.  He's protesting outside a women's clinic that isn't even open and supposedly upset because it's across the street from a school that is sitting empty.  It's a clinic the protesters are trying to keep closed because of the "disruptions" around the clinic.  Do you see anyone causing any disruptions — other than the protesters themselves?  No surprise there.

None of this should surprise us: Ziegler is a long-time time Alabama political clown.  Voters were offered the dismal choice between him and Dale Peterson in the July GOP runoff election:

Ziegler has been active in Alabama politics for decades, and, it appears, has quite a high opinion of himself.  Now certainly, that's pretty much a requirement for anyone seeking political office, but Ziegler takes it to a new level.

He has his own Web site "ZeiglerStory.com," that presents a facsimile of a Wikipedia page.

  • Although the page duplicates the actual Wikipedia.org page layout - including the site logo and navigation! - it's not actually a Wikipedia page.
  • There is no Wikipedia page for Jim Zeigler.
  • The only hint (other than the broken links) that you are NOT at the actual Wikipedia site is this:  "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"
  • Except that this page doesn't exist on the actual Wikipedia site - and when you read the bizarre information included, it's not hard to see why.

For instance, Zeigler devotes a whole paragraph to election triumphs in other states: Scott Walker's recall win in Wisconsin and Republican control of the Washington State Senate. 

In June 2012, Zeigler was recruited by Jenny Beth Martin's Tea Party Patriots to go to Wisconsin to assist in fighting the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Democrat and liberal groups had initiated a recall vote. Zeigler stayed a month, working in Eau Claire and Wausau, WI. Walker was behind when Zeigler got there but turned it around to win by a modest margin.  After the success there, Tea Party Patriots asked Zeigler to go for a month to Washington State in October, 2012 in a long-shot attempt to switch control of the state senate to Republicans. On election night, Republicans fell two senate seats short of control and everyone assumed they had lost. But in January 2013 when the senate met to organize, two conservative Democrats switched, giving control to the GOP after all. 

Oddly, the article source that each claim links to not only fails to credit Zeigler's pivotal role in these two elections - neither even mentions his name:

Apparently, Ziegler's mere presence in those states was enough to swing the elections! 

Zeigler's Democratic opponent is Miranda Joseph, a woman of unquestioned qualifications:

  • Certified internal auditor
  • Certified risk management assurance
  • BSBA Accounting
  • MBA
  • Experience in banking, public accounting, taxation, and auditing industries.
Who would you rather have auditing state agencies that seem to have a difficult time keeping up with state equipment — including firearms?  In November, you have the choice between a protesting clown and a competent auditor.
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