GOP Candidate Blames Workplace Killings On "Deterioration Of The Family"

Republican candidate for Congress Allen Quist blames the "deterioration of the family in the United States" for the mass murder committed by a mentally ill man last month at Accent Signage in Minneapolis.

Quist made the comment during Tuesday night's Debate Minnesota event with Congressman Tim Walz (DFL- Minnesota).

"The problem is not the gun laws and the problem is not the guns", said Quist. "The problem is the deterioration of the family in the United States of America. I grew up at a time when families were intact and shootings, like, have become commonplace in our day, were unheard of. You look at the correlations between the deterioration of the family and the onslaught of all kinds of social problems including crime, and the correlation is very, very strong. And we need to start having policies that encourage family strength. Not tear them apart. And this is why, the marriage penalty in Obamacare absolutely, absolutely terrifies me. Because BF Skinner said correctly whatever you punish, you get less of. And for us to have policies that further damage the family is unconscionable."

On September 27, Andrew Endeldinger, walked into Accent Signage and killed five co-workers, wounded three others and then killed himself. A spokesperson for Endeldinger's family said he had been struggling with paranoia and delusions. His family had tried to get him support for his mental illness, but he had cut them off.

"The family begged, and begged and begged to get that young man the help that he needed." said Walz in response to Quist. "He didn't get it and it manifested itself in this. So I don't think the issue lies with weapons, it lies with how we treat mental health."

Walz later told The UpTake the shooter "had two loving parents and came from a strong family but he had mental health issues that were untreated"

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