Underdog Alabama Abortion Clinic Re-Opens After Tough Fight

Last month's doomed attempt to crowdfund abortions has led to an awakening of sorts for liberals to reclaim abortion as an issue. Slate recently advocated for doing away with the "awfulization of abortion," and now we have a new film starring Jenny Slate that radically insists abortion is not radical, or even a big deal. Now, some real-world victories are making pro-abortion stances an outright trend, including one this week in North Alabama, where women once again have a convenient location for health screenings, tests, and abortions.  The Alabama Women's Center has reopened in its new location.  The previous building didn't comply with the state's outrageous, anti-abortion TRAP laws, and the clinic's owner fought a long battle with protesters and state & local government agencies to relocate.


This was not an easy process.  Opponents fought the clinic at every turn with outrageous arguments and even accusations of racism: 

While the clinic has been closed, North Alabama women have had to pay the TRAP tax and travel to Tuscaloosa or go out of state.  Not surprisingly, that presented a time and financial challenge for many, but hundreds of donors and volunteers (heroes & heroines, all) stepped up to help pay expenses and ferry patients to more distant locations.


Alabama Women's Center

Congratulations to the clinic owners, employees, and dedicated volunteers from the Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates (ARRA).
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