Garden State Equality Outreach for Feb. 15 Obamacare Deadline: Healthcare's an LGBT Issue

For the past many days, Democrats have been lending their efforts to enrollment events designed to help alert New Jerseyans to the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act, which ends on Sunday, Feb. 15th. Many of those events have been regional or targeted to specific parts of the population who may need additional help with the sign-up process.

These can be very helpful, considerably more helpful than the Governor, who refused to create a NJ state exchange. Or Republicans in Congress, who tried and failed dozens of times to kill 'Obamacare' and deny coverage to millions of their countrymen, and fed misinformation to the Tea Party factions, encouraging their ignorance and anger when in fact many of them need the ACA the most.

I wanted to flag a particular enrollment effort being spearheaded by Garden State Equality, which wisely realizes LGBT people have specific medical needs that make getting needed health coverage "an LGBT issue". Here's a quick, plainspoken video with GSE Director Andy Bowen, and 2 events, below, tailored for LGBT people.


Disclosure: I'm an advisory board member of GSE, but I'd be writing about this anyway. Below, info on today's enrollment event, and Thursday's.
Central Jersey health insurance enrollment event
Today in Princeton, 4:30-7:30pm
Princeton University, Friend Center for Engineering Education (Lecture Hall 101)

South Jersey health insurance enrollment event  
Thursday, February 12, 11am-1pm
Rutgers Camden Campus Center "Rapter Roost" Room.

Both events will have a workshop on health literacy, and have actual experts on hand in person to help you sign up for health insurance. Check CoverNJ.org to find out what you should bring.

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