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  • When it comes to Linda McSham's plan to add sunset provision to Social Security, her mouthpiece thinks you're stupid.

    Abrajano said McMahon clearly was talking about a review, not setting a deadline for expiration.

    Really? Lets go back to the videotape.

    Question: Do you believe that Social Security and Medicare are in financial trouble, and if so, what would you do to strengthen them?

    McMahon: Well they clearly are in trouble. We know that they're not sustainable at their current rate. There are a lot of ways that we could look at strengthening Social Security. I do think that we're going to have to do it in a bipartisan way. There are suggestions on the table, you know, that range from raising the retirement age, you know, to other methods, to means testing, to other things. And I think that we're going to have to do that in a bipartisan fashion in Congress. We cannot continue doing things the way we are doing with Social Security. We're just simply going to be bankrupt.

    And I do believe that, that there are ways to look at, you know, what we're trying to do when we put Social Security in place? We didn't go back and review it. In other words, I believe in sunset provisions when we pass this kind of legislation, so that you take a look at it 10, 15 years down the road to make sure that it's still going to fund itself.

  • Looks like Andrew Roraback has a teabagging problem.

    Republican Andrew Roraback's delicate dance with his party's conservative wing took a sharp turn Thursday, when a well-known Connecticut tea party activist issued a scathing denunciation  of the 5th congressional district candidate.

    " We have recently learned that Andrew Roraback's first major move after winning the Republican nomination for the 5th district, was to launch a cease & desist action at 5th district TV stations, thus trying to explicitly distance himself from the Conservative Tea Party Movement," wrote Bob MacGuffie of Fairfield, who produces the Right Principles blog and has been active in the tea party movement for more than two years.

    "Message to Andy Roraback: your action doesn't just distance yourself from the tea party or the Ryan budget - you've just disparaged and walked away from your Party's base!" MacGuffie wrote.

  • DFA endorsed Aldon Hynes for State Rep. (press release):

    Today, Democracy for America (DFA), endorsed Aldon Hynes for Connecticut's General Assembly (CT-114).  Hynes, a DFA member and activist, currently works for a community health center and understands the needs of the 114th Assembly District.    

    "Aldon is as committed as anyone that I know to providing all Connecticut residents with affordable healthcare," said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. "He's seen firsthand what our community needs are and understands why the insurance industry is bleeding us to death - literally.  Connecticut needs someone like Aldon fighting for the uninsured, fighting for middle class values, and keeping Hartford's politicians transparent."

    "I am thrilled that Democracy for America has endorsed my campaign for State Assembly.  My wife and I have been involved with DFA since its inception.  In these days when secretive billionaires are contributing millions to sway our elections, the kind of grassroots campaigning DFA supports is more important than ever."

  • Still unpopular.

    A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that "Dan Malloy continues to be one of the most unpopular governors in the country," the poll director said.

    PPP has been criticized by Republicans as a Democratic poll, but the poll has shown varying results for politicians of all stripes.

    The poll in Connecticut showed 32 percent of voters approving of Malloy and 51 percent disapproving, according to Tom Jensen, the poll director.

    "Even among Democrats, he has just a 49/34 approval rating," Jensen said of Malloy on Thursday. "The 2014 race for governor could be very competitive. Right now, Malloy trails a generic Republican opponent by a 42-38 margin."

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