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  • In an upcoming post, I'll explain how John Hartwell and your truly confronted Jim Himes opponent Steve Obsitnick on live TV and attempted to take a stance on any issue...wait till you see what happened.

  • Great, just great. While Elizabeth Esty continues to reinforce my belief that she's a horrible general election candidate with her never-ending, ill-advised attempt to paint Andrew Roraback as an extremist, the GOP candidate takes to the high road...can I have a political mulligan?
  • Linda McSham's creditors who she blew off for over 30 years have their say.

    Her family owned Blue Lanam Farm in Colchester, where the McMahons boarded and bred Appaloosa horses, known for their leopard-spotted coats, according to Behn.

    The couple, Behn said, exuded wealth. Or so she thought.

    The year was 1976.

    Records from the McMahons' bankruptcy show Behn's family hasn't gotten paid $33,171 owed by the couple.

    "I find it difficult to believe that people can write off debts and sleep well at night," Behn, 68, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers earlier Thursday, before McMahon's announcement. "That's not the way I was raised."


    Behn gave up long ago on recouping the $33,000 from the horse-breeding operation.

    "If she wanted to clear her conscience, I'd be happy to have her clear up her debt with me," Behn said. "I won't hold my breath until I receive the money."

  • Rosa DeLauro's laughable opponent takes to the GOP talking points complete with lack of details.
  • PELTO: "Are Hartford Democrats turning their back on American Labor?"

    As Wait, What? readers know, under the guise of Governor Malloy's "education reform" law, the City of Hartford has handed the Milner School (including all of its students and the school's publicly-funded budget) over to the Jumoke Academy.

    A quarter of Milner's student population is not fluent in English and four in ten go home to households where English is not the primary language.

    On the other hand, Jumoke Academy, who is now in control of Milner's curriculum and student environment, has absolutely NO experience in working with bilingual students.  In fact, Jumoke reported on their official state school profile reports that they've never had a bilingual student nor have they ever had a student who went home to a household other than one that speaks English.

    Considering that more than 40 percent of Hartford's children go home to households that don't use English as their primary language, the Jumoke data is a pretty strong statement about their total unwillingness or inability to attract and educate nearly half of all of Hartford's students.

    It begs the question why Jumoke was chosen by the City of Hartford and the State of Connecticut to take over the Milner School?

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