The Right-Wing Global Warming Name Game Debunked

Media Matters put out a video this past week with clips of all the recent FOX News mentions of a global warming name conspiracy. The Fox "conspiracy" is that liberals stopped calling it "global warming" and started calling it "climate change." Little did they realize, apparently, that the man responsible for the partisan polarization over the terminology of "climate change" vs. "global warming" is none other than FOX News contributor Frank Luntz.

Watch the video: 

Scientists use "global warming" when speaking about the increase in average global surface temperatures. They use "climate change" to refer to all the other disruptions that greenhouse gas emissions are causing -- from rising sea levels, to abruptly changing precipitation patterns that increase the likelihood of droughts and wildfires in certain areas and extreme flooding in others, to acidifying oceans that disturb the marine food web.

If you're still confused, head over to Joe Romm's post, Debunking The Dumbest Denier Myth (Again): ‘Climate Change’ Vs. ‘Global Warming’.

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